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GET TO THE POINT® is a Cape Town based organisational development consultancy synonymous with on point talks, workshops and learning experiences since 2006. 

"Our offering ranges from a purposeful nature experience to a fascinating behind the scenes look into the crisis management of a kidnapping in Africa", says founder Giselle Courtney. 

Ideal for corporate, conference and travel groups.

Exclusive Programmes

SOUTH AFRICAN FYNBOS® offers an immersive experience of the unique botanicals found only at the southern tip of Africa called Fynbos.



is an eco-wellbeing programme activating vitality and purpose through a connection with nature and personal potential.

The GET TO THE POINT® programme wastes no time in matching individual talents with organisational objectives and developing professional workplace communication.

PROOF OF LIFE® is presented by one of the world's most successful kidnap for ransom responders and is focused on building resilient and effective teams.

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South African Fynbos®

South African Fynbos Experiences & Products

​Fynbos is a family of 7000 unique botanicals found only at the southern tip of Africa. Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain is at the geographic centre of this UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the most scenic biodiversity hotspots on earth.


Fynbos Tasting - an ancient flavour trail

Immerse yourself in all things Fynbos at a guided tasting and indigenous flavours masterclass with Giselle Courtney overlooking the Cape Winelands valley of Wellington.


We come to you and present an onsite tasting of Fynbos edibles, tea infusions, herbs and seasonings. 


Shop our range at or contact us for something bespoke.

Cape Town Fynbos Experience®

The Cape Town Fynbos Experience® is an eco-wellbeing programme based on biophilic and eudaimonic principles. Biophilia suggests that humans have a natural inclination to connect with nature for wellbeing. Eudaimonia is a type of contentment that includes having meaningful purpose and vitality from utilising one’s potential.

This programme provides an experience and a vocabulary for the subtle interface with nature as well as a guided unearthing of the seeds of individual potential.


Fynbos Tasting - an ancient flavour trail

An immersive tasting of ancient botanicals found only at the southern tip of Africa. The Fynbos biome is 3-5 million years old and surrounds the archaeological sites that contain some of the world’s earliest evidence of human consciousness dating back 50-160 000 years. Decorated ostrich shells and ochre for body-painting are evidence of symbolic thought and the ability of modern humans to transcend the ordinary.

The tasting of novel flavours stimulates symbolic thought by activating associations and metaphor, providing a sensory link to the first flowering of human consciousness. This experience takes you on an ancient flavour trail beyond the constraints of time to a mixology of veld and flower, awakening the inner explorer.


Origin & Ornament - symbolic thought

This workshop explores the technique of symbolic thought to actively connect the expansive realms of nature and imagination with a view to accessing personal meaning. 


The Seedbank - unearthing potential

The Fynbos seedbank can protect seeds for many seasons until the growth conditions are just right. 

We utilise trusted profiling tools to bring potential to the fore.


Get to the Point®

The GET TO THE POINT® programme develops purposeful individuals and teams. The focus is on aligning individual talent with organisational objectives and providing communication tools for effective engagement.


​​Group Dynamics

Individual communication styles are profiled in a group workshop setting and combined in a matrix to identify the dynamics of the team.


Organisational Alignment 

Additional individual profiling and alignment with organisational objectives.


Professional Business Communication 

Appropriate and effective messaging techniques for meetings and mails:

admin - managerial - senior management

Professional Business English

Advanced messaging and language techniques

Proof of Life

Mark Courtney's reputation as a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies is grounded in more than 30 years of crisis management support in some of the world's most unpredictable and hostile environments. He is an engaging speaker and his lived experience as a kidnap for ransom responder, executive protection specialist and 'on the ground conservationist' is fascinating. In a workshop setting he shares his skills and expertise to hone the strengths of organisational teams. He is a recipient of the Rotary International Paul Harris Fellowship Award for outstanding community service.



Kidnap for Ransom - the first 24 hours

Between 2001 and 2011 Mark was the sole resident kidnap for ransom responder on the African continent. He provides an intriguing behind-the-scenes look into the reality of a kidnapping and the intricacies of working with a crisis management team to ensure release. 


The Life and Times of a Protector

Mark R. Courtney and Associates was the first executive protection company to be founded in South Africa. Mark and his team protected some of the world's most influential people in over 70 countries. He shares what it takes to be the consumate risk management team.


Counter Poaching in Southern Africa 

During his five years as head of the elite South African Reserve Police Endangered Species Protection Unit, Mark led a dedicated team of anti-poaching specialists in the quest to preserve national fauna and flora as well as significant artefacts targeted by criminal syndicates. From bush to boardroom, Mark provides illuminating insights about holding a volunteer unit together.


Kidnap for Ransom Simulation

The Golden 24 Hours


Crisis Management

Assembling the right team.

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