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Our Expertise

All talks, workshops and programmes are developed in-house and are exclusive to Get to the Point® and South African Fynbos®.

Our Philosophy

Making potential visible...

Our Commitment

Not the norm...

Our Experience

Activating potential since 2006...

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A sense of wellbeing derived from fulfilling one's potential...

Giselle Courtney


Giselle founded Get to the Point® Organisational Development Consultancy in 2006 with a view to developing purposeful individuals and teams. 

Based in the Cape Winelands region of South Africa, the focus is on an eco-wellbeing approach to personal development, diversity and change management. 

Phone: +27 (0) 84 447 3553 

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South African Fynbos®

Sensory Experiences

The world renown botanical diversity of Fynbos is the context for our eco-wellbeing experiences and programmes. 

Phone: +27 (0) 84 447 3553

Fynbos Tasting Room

Private Renosterveld Estate

Our Fynbos farm in Wellington is home to our 32-seater Fynbos Tasting Room.

This private estate is a haven for critically endangered Swartland Renosterveld. Positioned on the slope of the historic Hawequas Mountain the view is oriented towards Kasteelberg, birthplace of the author of the globally acclaimed concept of Holism, South Africa's own Jan Christiaan Smuts. If a seed can reach its full potential, imagine the possibilities for the individual...

Phone: +27 (0) 84 447 3553

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