Cape Town Fynbos Experience®

Escape to the scenic Wellington Wine Valley

for an immersive wellness experience of South Africa's celebrated Fynbos


The Cape Town Fynbos Experience® is our premier in-house wellness and teambuilding offering. Designed to put you in touch with nature at the most sensory level, it's an exploration of the unique culinary flavours from the Cape Floristic Region at the southern tip of Africa.


There are approximately 7000 Fynbos species contributing to the one of the world's most diverse plant kingdoms. We have chosen eleven edible species and created an original range of herbs and seasonings to sensationalize everyday meals with uniquely South African flavours.

Explore how to pair Fynbos flavours with everyday meals to create uniquely South African flavour sensations. Also learn how to integrate the natural health benefits and traditional knowledge of Fynbos into a contemporary lifestyle.

"Cooking with Fynbos herbs and seasonings is a daily inspiration.

Some of the flavours are similar to tastes we know and others are so extraordinary that they transform everyday meals into unique taste sensations.

To be able to say one has created a dish with uniquely South African

flavours is to feel truly South African. It's this shared identity of a

culinary heritage that is so inspiring." Giselle Courtney - creator of the Cape Town Fynbos Experience®




10h00-12h15  Guided Fynbos Tasting

Experience the raw flavours of edible naturals as pure culinary infusions, tinctures, seasonings and concoctions.

12h15-13h00   Fynbos Tapas

Mixology-style experimentation with Fynbos flavours


13h00-14h00   Guided Walk

Up close with Fynbos species in the endangered Renosterveld. 


Stock your Fynbos Pantry from our comprehensive culinary Fynbos range.



Stay overnight at neighbouring Diemersfontein Wine & Country Estate and request the tractor ride to our farm. See GUESTHOUSE - Diemersfontein Wine & Country Estate & Conferences - Diemersfontein Wine & Country Estate